At Parents & Carers, we are all about helping people all around the world escape the bondage of addiction.

Drug and alcohol addiction are very real threats that are negatively impacting society. Regardless the sort of environment you live in, your occupation, or your social status, addiction can sneak into your life from a variety of unexpected avenues. Even worse is the fact that the negative impacts of addiction don’t affect just your life but also the lives of those who love you. Many people who are currently suffering from one form of addiction or the other aren’t even aware of the danger they are in until it’s too late. Parents & Carers can shine a light for such individuals.

On Parents & Carers, we release latest updates on new breakthroughs that are being made in the field of helping people overcome addiction. Our team is made up of experts with actual experience when it comes to addiction and are thus capable of providing you real insights and reliable information. Our goal is not to judge or lecture, but to offer a helping hand via this platform to assist anyone who might have lost their way due to the effects of addiction.

Some of the topics we will frequently be dealing with on Parents and Carers include;


The strangest thing about the addiction phenomenon is it is no respecter of age or social class. You can easily find people from the rich or other spectrum of social strata struggling with addiction. In this category, we will be providing details to help you understand addiction and how it affects all aspects of a life. Visit here for more.


The road to recovery from addiction is a hard one as both your body and mind struggle to cope with the changes in your system. To discover how to best commit to rehab and get positive long term results, check here.


Drugs are a common culprit for those suffering from addiction. The drugs in question can be anything from pharmaceuticals such as painkillers to “party drugs” such as ecstasy or molly. To better understand these drugs click here.


A significant number of people around the world suffer from alcohol addiction but don’t realise it until its devastating effect becomes blindingly apparent. Check here for a better understanding of alcohol addiction.


Addiction, be it alcohol or drug related, doesn’t have to be a lifetime burden. As long as you are willing to admit there is a problem, it can be fixed with the right treatment and recovery is a 100% percent possible. Click here to view more about addiction recovery therapies.


In our experience, we’ve come to discover that the most effective way to save children and adults alike from the scourge of addiction is to educate them. Check here for more.

Do you have a child, a friend or other loved one who needs helps with addiction? Or is it you who needs support? Regardless the case, know that Parents & Carers is here for you.

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