Abuse of Xanan

Xanan is a prescription drug given to patients suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. The effects of this drug are usually felt within one hour and most people who abuse it want to experience the sedative effect. Teenagers mostly fall in the category of people abusing prescription medicine, and Xanan tops the list of this threat.
It is possible to become addicted to the drug even when following your doctor’s instructions. When used for an extended period, Xanan can lead to tolerance, addiction and eventual dependency.

Indicators and symptoms

There are several signs and symptoms that show if someone is addicted to Xanan.

  • The physical symptoms include feeling drowsy, excessive sleep, euphoria, being light-headed, memory loss, being sluggish, difficulty in concentrating, headache and nausea.
  • The social life of Xanax addict is equally affected by having strained relationships with friends and family. In some cases, it leads to separation and divorce.
  • Perpetual absence from work due to always feeling sick is a common sign in a person struggling with Xanax abuse. This is especially the case if one experiences the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Financial constraints, being broke and being in debt can occur as a result of Xanan abuse.
  • A person who was previously energetic and active starts being lazy and does not want to participate in simple everyday tasks. This is an indicator that they could be abusing Xanan.
  • Memory and speech also gets affected by Xanan addiction. The addict will find it difficult to remember simple details. They also become incoherent in their speech.
  • A person abusing Xanan can no longer function without it and usually need more and more quantities per intake and this leads to tolerance.

Consequences of abusing Xanan

There are a number of negative consequences that come with abusing Xanan.

  • The most notable ones include being disoriented, incoherent speech, lack of coordination and being confused.
  • Another effect of Xanan is slowed breathing. It is more dangerous and even fatal when mixed with alcohol.
  • There are some people who will suffer short term memory loss as a result of Xanan abuse.
  • A person can experience a sedative effect to as long as 4 days, especially when taken in large quantities.

Treating Xanan abuse

It is advisable to seek professional help to safely quit the use of this substance. There are withdrawal effects that accompany the end of using Xanax that can cause discomfort in the user and are usually dangerous in not closely monitored.
Based on how deep the addiction was, how long one has been addicted and the state of your health, an inpatient treatment option may be recommended. With this treatment option, the addict is monitored round the clock and the environment provides a safe, stable and sober space for recovery. Medical intervention will be administered by the trained personnel in case of severe withdrawal symptoms.
In most cases, the treatment does not abruptly stop the use of Xanan, but rather, they wean the addict off gradually until they are able to function normally without the use of the substance.
The treatment program has several activities such as group and individual therapy sessions, education on addiction, skills training, techniques of avoiding relapse and many more.
Treatment can also be provided as an outpatient program, where that addict does not have to reside at the facility but at their homes. One is expected to report to the facility for a set number of hours each day to take part in the activities of their recovery program.
One can also opt for community based self-help networks to help cope and overcome the substance abuse.

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