Over three million people die of alcohol related issues annually throughout the world. Europeans consume more alcohol globally.

Alcohol consumption is steady in Africa, America and Europe but there is a rising trend in western Pacific regions and South East Asia.
In 2012, over 3 million people died from excessive alcohol consumption with Europeans drinking more alcohol than the rest of the world.
With too much consumption, you risk being dependent on alcohol as well as exposing yourself to more than 200 diseases including cancer and liver cirrhosis. According to a report by the UN health agency, alcohol consumption affects one’s physical, psychological and mental health as well as their social life and the lives of those around them.
In 2014, a global status report on health and alcohol indicated that excess intake of alcohol exposes people to contagious illnesses like pneumonia and tuberculosis.
Throughout the world, Europe has the most people consuming alcohol; with some specific regions within Europe have extremely high levels of alcohol consumption.
According to an analysis on alcohol intake trend, the amount of alcohol being consumed has stabilized in the last five years in Europe as well as in Africa and the United States. However, Western Pacific Regions and South East Asia has recorded some increase in the levels of alcohol consumption.
There is a lot that needs to be done in regards to protecting people from the adverse health repercussions of too much alcohol consumption.
There is enough evidence in the report indicating that there is no room for being complacent as far as reducing the excessive alcohol consumption is concerned.
On average, any person aged 15 years and above consumes 6.2 liters of pure alcohol annually. But since half of the people, which are about 38.8% in fact, consume alcohol, this is to say that those that drink take at least 17 liters of pure alcohol every year, according to World Health Organization (WHO).

The report showed the country with the highest alcohol consumption per capita was Belarus at 17.5litres while the country with the least alcohol consumption per capita according to the report was Portugal with 12.9 litres.
Furthermore, the report indicates that more men die out of alcohol related issues, which is about 7.6% than women, whose death rate from alcohol related issues stands at 4%. These figures are despite the fact that women are more susceptible to alcohol related conditions than men.
The author of this report noted some concern about the rising trend of alcohol consumption among women.
The director for mental health and substance abuse at WHO, Dr.Shekhar Saxena reported that throughout the world, an average of 16 per cent of people consuming alcohol are involved in heavy sporadic drinking, commonly known as “binge drinking”, which is the most dangerous engagement for your health.
People with low income are the most affected by the social and health repercussions of consuming too much alcohol. They have limited access to proper medical facilities and have less social protection by families that are functioning normally or support networks in the community.

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