Ant McPartlin’s Addiction challenge indicates where this problem is headed

Anyone following the story of Ant McPartlin’s struggle with addiction knows that it has been as torrid as any other addiction story despite the whooping £60 million estate that he is estimated to be worth. His wealth is however something that is seriously threatened not only by the need to sustain this unhealthy habit but it is also guaranteed to suffer serious dents from the extended and repeated admissions into rehab.
This particular situation that Ant McPartlin finds himself facing also goes on to confirm that alcohol abuse is today almost always accompanied by prescription pill abuse. It is a sad situation that not only complicates the health aspect of the situation but also make recovery much more difficult.
Ant McPartlin’s addiction story is said to have started after he got hooked to Tramadol following an injury to his knee that required the use of the painkiller. There are many other cases of people who get started down the prescription pill addiction road after what would appear to be a straight forward case that requires some medical pain relief intervention. Unfortunately, the Ant addiction situation is much worse than just prescription pill abuse as he is also entangled in alcohol addiction and the addiction problems have also given rise to depression.
While McPartlin’s is just an example of the ever growing drug and addiction problem that is facing more than 1.3 million people in America alone, the problem is made even more complicated since a majority of the rehab facilities and treatment professionals are ill equipped to handle this new and more complicated addiction situation that involves multiple substances that give rise to mental and health challenges that are extremely difficult to resolve. The traditional rehab approach has totally failed to address these new addiction challenges.
As the drug problem evolves we are now facing challenges that make this issue a bigger headache than it has ever been in the past.

Some of the challenges that are now greater than ever include:

  • As people have access to more information, the phenomenon of self-medication continues to gain popularity and the ready access to medication online compounds the issue further.
  • There is an ever diminishing distinction between substances that were previously defined as illegal, legal and regulated substances that people tend to abuse. An example of such substances being the Tramadol that got Ant McPartlin into the addiction rut. The drug has gained significant popularity as a safer alternative to cocaine and heroin since it is produced in regulated conditions that ensure it is fit for human consumption.
  • With modern life and work challenges posing pressure that is greater than ever in the lives of people at all ages and in all walks of life, substance abuse is quietly gaining acceptance among people who seem to understand the need to find an escape from the brutal realities of our modern life.

It is quite clear that addiction has now evolved into a monster that we are ill prepared to face and it is high time we had a serious conversation on how we will deal with this problem today and moving forward.

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