Billie Lourd, the daughter of Carrie Fischer says that the cause of death was “drug addiction”

According to an autopsy report released after the death of Carrie Fischer, cocaine was present in the actor’s system at the time of death. Her daughter pleads for sympathy and compassion.
The daughter of “Star Wars” actress Billie Lourd, released a moving and emotional speech to People Magazine after an autopsy report showed that there was illegal drug in the body of Carrie Fischer when she died in December 2016.
Lourd revealed that her mother had struggled with addiction to drugs and mental health conditions throughout her life and eventually succumbed to this condition towards the end of 2016.
Lourd has been openly sharing the struggles her mother went through with mental health problems as well as addiction to drugs and illicit substances and continued to reveal more of this information.
She had a resolve to remain open in her various endeavours regarding the social stigma that came about as a result of mental health illnesses and addiction to drugs. She shared on the humiliation that the individuals with such conditions go through on a daily basis together with their loved ones. Having stayed with her mum and knowing her too well, she believed that Carrie Fischer’s deathbed wish was for people to be encouraged by her death about being willing to openly share their struggles with these issues. Trying to find help, pleading with the government to support and fund mental health programs and initiatives. The social stigma and shame that surrounds these conditions are the major obstacles in finding working solutions, progressive treatment and eventual cure.
The Los Angeles county coroner’s office released an autopsy report on Monday showing that Carrie Fischer may have indulged in cocaine three days prior to her first heart attack incident on December 23, 2016 as she headed to her Los Angeles home aboard a flight from London. Sadly, she succumbed on December 27,2016, four days after this incident at UCLA Medical Centre.
There were traces of other illicit and addictive substances that were found the Star Wars actress’s body during the autopsy. These were heroin, MDMA and other opiates. It was however difficult for the investigating team to establish when she may have taken this additional drugs. The team that conducted the autopsy from the Los Angeles county coroner’s office reported that the death of Carrie Fischer was caused by sleep apnea and other various contributing aspects such as the accumulation of fatty tissues in her blood vessels.
The autopsy report further indicated that the actress may have suffered what looked like a cardiac arrest on the plane as she flew home which was followed by vomiting and a previous history of sleep apnea. Relying on the information provided regarding the toxicological report, it is difficult to determine the implication of the many different addictive stimulants that were found in Carrie Fischer’s tissue and blood during the autopsy, in relation to what exactly led to her death.

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