Definition of fruitful treatment

Discovering effectiveness in recovery

Most addicts who have reached the end of their addiction road only want to feel better and get back to normal life. Once they experience the feeling of sobriety for a while, they will go in search of effective treatment.

Definition of success

Success can be termed as the ability to achieve something that was desired, attempted or planned. The definition however varies for different individuals and there are those who define it as something that they are yet to accomplish, meaning that it is an endless chase of unattainable goals.

Determining what success means

  • Every person should determine what success means to them which can include
  • Satisfying relationships
  • Peace of mind and mental clarity
  • A rewarding career and financial security
  • Physical fitness
  • Good academic accomplishments

The above standards need further specifications by the individuals so that they are clearer, like how much money defines financial stability?

Successful recovery defined

The end of using drugs and alcohol can be termed as successful recovery. However, this is not a true statement because the addict may still suffer other underlying conditions that may have caused the addiction in the first place.
Success is better defined as the ability to live a normal life without depending on substances to make changes in your brain reward system, having significant relationships with friends and family and having peace of mind. One should also experience a sense of security while being considerate of other people as opposed to being self-centered.

The promises of 12 steps

  • Having a sense of freedom, happiness and inner peace
  • No more self-pity, self-seeking and financial stress.
  • Enhanced awareness on handling situations
  • One no longer fears people but instead willing to help them
  • Improved self-esteem and serenity
  • No more regrets

Emotional soberness

Physical sobriety is not enough for recovery as this would lead to possible relapse. Instead, an addict should endeavor to be sober on an emotional level where they are able to experience feelings.

A person who has achieved emotional sobriety enjoy benefits such as:

  • Reduced stress levels and illnesses caused by stress
  • Individuals can tackle various situations in life and are able to control their behavior.
  • They will have a positive attitude with less extreme moods and emotions.
  • They are happy with their current life and seek to have fulfilling relationships

Objective of treatment is calmness

An attainable objective for recovery is for addicts to experience calmness. This means that they will be able to react to situations in life within reasonable limits and they have control over their lives. A person at this level of sobriety is not afraid of life and to live their full potential.

Hindrances for an effective recovery

Several hindrances can pose as challenges to a successful recovery such as:

  • The addict is not open minded to try new treatment approaches
  • Too much negative energy and thoughts that prevent progress in recovery
  • Failure to treat other underlying mental health conditions
  • Unrealistic ambitions during the treatment process.
  • Maintaining friends who are still battling with addiction

Ensuring an effective recovery

  • Develop an open minded attitude
  • Define success in your own terms, and it does not always have to be about being rich or famous.
  • Spend time with people with a winners mentality
  • Addicts should be ready and willing to face the challenges in their lives and address them comprehensively.
  • Success may mean failing once in a while, but you should never give up
  • Put in the necessary effort to achieve success
  • Ensure that you focus on more than one aspect in your life so that you achieve a wholesome success
  • Breakdown the goals in smaller attainable targets so that they can be motivated each time this goals are achieved

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