Dependence and misuse of Ketamine

Dependence on Ketamine

Ketamine is a drug that is generally used as a tranquilizer on animals and in rare cases, human beings. However, in the streets, it is used in clubs as a way of getting high. Due to its chemical make-up, many who use it become dependent on it making them anti-social. Once dependent, their memory, speech and perception become impaired.

How you know one is addicted to Ketamine:

  • Increase of use
  • Craving for more
  • Inability to perform tasks well
  • spending a lot more to get the drug
  • higher tolerance leading to increased intake
  • indifferent attitude with personal relationships

Getting over Ketamine addiction is very hard, especially without help. The levels of chemicals in the brain make it impossible to stop even with the strongest will. The only option of coming out of Ketamine dependency is with the help of a trained professional. The chemical pollution in the brain can be eased through treatment, which in turn enables the individual to be mentally capable of going on with the recovery process.

Facts about Ketamine

Ketamine comes in a number of street names including Cat Valium, Dorothy, Vitamin K, Kit Kat and Special K. It is a psychoactive drug found in clubs that is misused for pleasure mostly by the youth. Classified as Schedule III controlled substances, Ketamine comes in the same range as steroids like Anabolic and Codeine. It can be snorted as powder, taken in pill form or injected as a solution. It is colorless and scentless and can render the user totally defenseless in certain levels making it dangerous as it can and has been used as a date- rape drug.
The most dangerous consequences of misusing Schedule III controlled substances are low dependence physically coupled with high psychological dependence. Due to its chemical make-up, Ketamine gives a short-lived high yet makes the user’s body develop tolerance fast requiring him to take higher levels to achieve the initial high. It is for such reasons that the use of Ketamine without prescription and directions by a doctor is illegal.

Symptoms of Ketamine use and abuse

Ketamine has a sedative effect which means that once taken; it reduces the body’s sensations and triggers hallucinations. It gives a short time high that lasts about one hour but leaves the user craving for more, which mostly leads the user to take a higher dose which in turn leaves a more intense effect. This effect has been dubbed the “K-Hole Effect” where the user feels as if they are out of their own body.
Ketamine has chemicals in it that can cause temporary numbness which could lead to bad injuries as well as accidents shortly after it is ingested.
Users get easily dependent craving for a higher high which makes it impossible to know when they overdose, making it easy to overdose on Ketamine especially when other drugs or alcohol are in the mix. Such overdoses can easily lead to failure of the respiratory system which could lead to death.

Ketamine blends

Ketamine becomes highly volatile when mixed with other abusive drugs. The liquid form of the drug can be easily used with alcohol and marijuana. As a depressant, it is highly life threatening when used with other such depressants as it can cause problems with the respiratory system causing death.
In its powder form, Ketamine can be mixed with drugs like DMT, LSD and Ecstasy. This blend is dangerous as Ketamine is a depressant while Ecstasy is a stimulant.

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