Holistic addiction treatment centers

Holistic approaches are some of the methods used by various drug addiction treatment centers. With the holistic approach, patients are taught ways of protecting every aspect of their health, body, mind and soul.
An alternative method of treatment, holistic seeks to look at the person as an all-round being. It attempts to heal people from addiction by dealing with the connection of body-mind-soul.
Even though it does not follow the traditional model which pays attention to 12 steps program, psychotherapy and various support groups, there are some conventional treatment centers that apply this mode of treatment.

Reasons for choosing holistic treatment

There are many reasons why people result to abusing drugs and alcohol including a physical ailment, emotional issues and mental conditions. These people may not fully understand the area they are struggling to heal and therefore a holistic program that addresses all areas all at once would be an ideal option for them.
The philosophy behind this type of treatment states that all the three areas are interlinked which means that if you are physically sick, your spiritual and emotional areas are also affected. Therefore, the holistic treatment will help a person remain sober since the actual area of concern will have been dealt with.

Advantages of holistic addiction treatment

  • With the holistic treatment, you get both group and individual therapy sessions and also get support networks in the facility.
  • The detox process at a holistic center may not include medication thereby reducing the chances of being addicted to other substances
  • Improved physical health and replenishing nutritional deficiencies through the organic meal plans at the holistic center
  • Bike riding, mountain climbing and swimming are some of the physical activities provided in a holistic treatment facility.
  • Prayer sessions, yoga, tai chi as available as part of exercise and meditation.
  • You have access to other complementary features such as acupuncture and massage
  • Most holistic facilities are situated in serene locations like at the beach or in the mountains
  • Art, animal assisted therapy and music are offered as part of psychotherapy

What are the features of a holistic facility?

If you opt for the holistic treatment, consider the following aspects.

  • Ensure that the facility has a range of treatment options to select from and that they do not impose all of the options on the patient. A good facility should custom make a program for each individual needs
  • What is the duration of the program? Find out if you can start with a short stay program and extend if need be
  • Where is the facility situated? Is it more of an inconvenience in terms of time and money to check into that facility or will a local one work for you, especially if you have excellent home care support?
  • What is the cost of the treatment? Most holistic facilities are expensive and for good reasons. Ask for a detailed quotation so that you can compare to other facilities. Also find out if it can scale down if you do not participate in all activities and if they take insurance payments.
  • Find out if the personnel at the facility have necessary qualification to conduct the sessions and administer treatment.
  • Ensure that the facility had been accredited and authorized by necessary bodies within their area of operation.
  • A good facility provides post treatment follow up to ensure their patients remain sober and are living their lives to the full potential.

Identifying the ideal holistic treatment facility

A relapse after treatment does not mean failure, but a need for change in treatment approach. A holistic option may be your answer for long-term sobriety.
When you settle for a holistic facility, conduct a pre-visit to the center to get a feel of the general environment and their staff members. You can also call the facility to find out more about the treatment process.

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