Importance of structure in treatment facilities

The life of an addict is usually out of control. They have lost all hope and do not believe that anyone would be willing to help them overcome these challenges. However, it is possible to recover from substance abuse and addiction. During the addiction phase, a person loses all sense of structure and order and treatment plans for drug addiction usually attempts to restore this sense of structure to the life of the addict so that they can put their life back together.

How structure is designed in treatment programs

Treatment is either offered on short term or long term basis and either inpatient or outpatient treatment options. Regardless of whichever treatment option one chooses, the program should follow a set of principles for successful treatment. The principles as provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse ensure that rehabilitation programs have structures and inform the patient beforehand what they will be experiencing in the treatment program.

  • Addiction should be seen as a complicated disease that affects the brain but can be treated
  • Treatment should be designed to fit individual requirements
  • Should be easy to get and access
  • Physical, social and psychological needs of an individual are addressed alongside other underlying concerns.
  • The duration should be reasonable
  • Counseling should be part of treatment
  • Medicine should be limited to necessity and must be combined with other modes of treatment
  • The program should be revised upon progression so as to still meet the needs of the patient
  • Instinctive therapies can be successful
  • Relapses should be addressed, controlled and avoided where possible
  • Making structure in the patient’s life
  • Structure in the patient’s life is meant to assure them of safety and stability in situations that promote their recovery.

Patients are also encouraged to create structures in their personal lives and address the following areas.

  • Body: the physical body gets affected by the addiction and getting a structured exercise plan can help restore your body back to its usual healthy self.
  • Mind: deliberately choosing to make positive choices every day can help you create structure. Reading a good book or doing yoga is a good way of regaining control of your mind.
  • Spirit: self-esteem can sometime be the reason one got into addiction in the first place. Getting some quiet time alone to reflect on yourself and get in touch with your inner self can be a good place to start the journey of self-love and care.

Rehabilitation can be difficult but very important in the journey of recovery from drug addiction. For rehabilitation to be effective, it should have plenty of structure and order so as to provide some level of security and stability in the new sober life. It is also recommended that the patient creates structure for their individual life both as they are going through the treatment process as well as for after the treatment program is over. These structures will play a big role in ensuring that they are successful in the short term and long term recovery process.

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