How drug addiction affects the family

Drug addiction does not only affect you as the addict but also the ones you love including your family and friends. The damage caused during the addiction phase may be hard to recover from.

In what way is your family affected?

In most cases, the addict does not consider their choices or the outcome of these choices and this could lead to constraints in your personal relationships that may not be restored.

The attention and resources for the addict

As a drug addict, your priority is looking for the drug and consuming it and therefore all your time, energy and general focus is on this activity. This leaves little or no time for you to spend with your friends or family. Resentment, bitterness, heartbreak and in some cases envy are a range of emotions that your loved ones may experience in relation to your use of drugs. You may experience constant arguments in conversations with your loved ones and a rift in your relationship as a result of your drug addiction.

Financial implication

Drug addiction can result in financial constraint in the addict’s life and their loved ones too. You spend all your money and that of your family on funding and sustaining this habit without a care of how much it is.
You risk losing your job because you may no longer be able to function in your workplace. This leaves your partner as the sole breadwinner for the family as well as caring for you.
Your drug addiction habit could have a long-term financial effect on your family. Your family could end up being bankrupt, using up all their life’s savings, pension money etc. because of your habits.

The children

Your children can be affected emotionally because of your drug addiction. You could physically abuse them, emotionally or even sexually abuse them and this is something that could ruin their lives forever. This destroys their future social interaction, education and mental health.
You may not be able to set proper structures and rules for your home and as such your children could end up being rebellious or even emulating your life. It is also very difficult for your children to respect you since you have proved to be an unreliable person.

Your partner gets affected too

Your spouse is at risk of suffering from physical, emotional and psychological abuse due to your addiction. Relationships suffer on many aspects including intimacy and this can lead to cheating. Domestic violence is also another effect your spouse is bound to suffer.

Your health and that of your family is at risk

As a drug addict, you may not be able to make the right decisions. This could lead to road accidents while driving or irresponsible sexual behavior that exposes you and your partner to sexually transmitted diseases.
Using needles for injecting leads to sharing of needles which is also another health risk for you and your family as you can contract various diseases which can cause more stress on your family.

The consequences of your addiction.

Separation or even divorce from your spouse is a huge possibility from your addiction. This can make your children suffer emotional instability and psychological torture. Your health and finances will also suffer a big blow from your harmful habits.
With all these negative repercussions, you should consider changing your habits for the better and seek help for recovery for the sake of your family and yourself too.

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