The Unsettling Effects of Heroin Addiction exposed at the Bella Bond Trial

While Michael McCarthy is the man on trial in the Bella Bond murder case, it seems that there is general consensus among many parties involved in the proceedings that heroin should be enjoined in this case as a co-accused. While seeking to get justice for the murder of the innocent 2 year old angel who was killed and dumped in a trash bag in a location near Boston, legal experts have agreed that heroin addiction is a major factor in this case and the circumstances that led to it.
Unfortunately for Bella, she came into the world and for the 2 short years she was alive, almost every single adult who was in her life was a heroin addict. Her mother (Rachel Bond) and biological father (Joseph Amoroso) were both addicted to heroin even before the little girl was conceived. They were homeless and drifting through life in a haze of addiction. In one of the most tragic addiction stories of modern America, the prime suspect who was the boyfriend to Bella’s mother was also addicted to heroin abuse. McCarthy is accused of killing the 2 year old girl and dumping her body in a trash bag. Unfortunately, the main witness in the case is the little girl’s mother (Rachel) who was abusing heroin with McCarthy.
The severity of the addiction problem is well demonstrated in the manner in which Bella’s parents struggled to do right by her but they were always fighting a losing battle as long as heroin addiction was part of the equation. Rachel is said to have been ensuring regular prayer with her daughter at meal time and also making an effort to play with her daughter whenever she could. She was obviously trying very hard to do right by her baby especially since she had already lost 2 other children to the DFC (Department of Children and Families.) However despite all her efforts and good intentions she eventually lost her daughter in a way that was significantly more tragic than the loss of her previous children.
After the death of Bella, Rachel sunk even deeper into addiction and heroin abuse. The pain of her daughter’s death was something she could only deal with by taking more heroin which led to an existence that was just a blur of heroin highs that went on for months from well before June 2015 when Bella’s body washed up in Boston until the time she opened up to a friend in September of 2015. The consequences of her addiction may appear to the time she will spend behind bars for the accessory to murder charges she pleaded guilty to but in reality, the cost in this particular case is extremely high.
The unsettling effects of heroin addiction have clearly come out quite clearly throughout the proceedings of the Bella Bond trial. Not only did addiction to heroin lead to the tragic death of an innocent two year old, it has also led to the irreversible destruction of many individuals who would have otherwise had a different trajectory in their lives if they had lived free from addiction to heroin.

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