Alcohol ruins relationships – quit taking alcohol for the sake of relationships

Drinking is a very self-centered activity

Alcohol is considered a social drink acceptable in the society. But when you consume alcohol for whatever reason, the intention is to change the way you view life, attempting to go into a different state of mind.
When you interact with someone who is taking alcohol while you yourself are sober, then you will be able to observe that the drinking is not about socializing with you, but it’s everything to do with them. They talk about how drunk they. They are just thinking about ordering another round for themselves and that’s mostly what they are talking about, nothing to do with you or how they feel about you.

The love-hate relationship with alcohol

If a person who has been drinking alcohol for a very long time can be completely honest, they will tell you that their drinking habits were not the right thing to have done all that long and all the issues in their lives that came about due to their drinking habit.
The people you relate with, especially those that are very dear to you may not be able to candidly tell you that you are drinking too much, but if you are keen, you will see this from their emotions.

Made up with bullshit indicator

People have a good sense of reading body language, emotions , tone of voice and facial expression during communication. During a conversation only 35% is spoken language, while the rest is all about how a person is looking at you and the vibe that your picking up.

Trusting again

One can tell from the unspoken language that a person is worried about your drinking habit and this affects your relationship. There’s a change in how you see people and how people see you once you stop the excessive drinking, but this change takes a while, even with those close to you including family and friends. They may still be suspicious of your activities for some time especially if this is not the first time.

Addicts do not always tell the truth. They lie about how long they have been drinking, about the quantity in one sitting, they lie about their intentions to drink that day. They lie practically about everything, almost like they are cheating on you.

You are no longer living, just existing

This is not the best way to live your life. Good news is you can win people’s trust with time.
There is a questioning phase from your family and friends and when the questions subside, it means they are beginning to trust you again.

Your new identity

People no longer see you as the drunk you’ve always been, they now see a new better person. You become a dad again. A spouse, a brother, a friend, a son and the feeling of regaining yourself if great.

It’s a two way thing

Even in a group setting, it all comes down to individual interaction and relationship between two people. How are you getting along with the other person and how are they getting along with you. At the end of the day, every individual including you is responsible for themselves since they have their own individual feelings.

Be the best version of you for your sake

Give it your best shot and get on track to improve yourself and this will in turn improve your relationships.

Defining yourself.

You can now think rationally and with more time on your hands can improve your part of the relationship, since this is your responsibility anyway.

Moving forward on your terms

You are now the person that you want to be. Live for you and live to improve you for you. And that’s all that matters.


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