Tiger Woods seeks specialized treatment for his battle with prescription drugs addiction

The wakeup call for Tiger Woods to seek professional help for his battle with addiction to prescription drugs came when he found fast asleep in his car while the engine was still running.
At 41 years, Tiger Woods was taken in by police on May 29 in the early morning hours after he was found asleep behind the wheel of his car that was still running outside his home in Florida.
The police who arrested Mr. Woods described him as being “very dopey” and reported that he had challenges in keeping his eyes open, speak or even walk.
When an alcohol test was done on him, it came back negative but he did confess to the police that he had taken some prescription medicine with sedative effects called Xanax. He later admitted at the rehab centre that he was also ingesting Vicodin, which is a very powerful painkiller.
The former world golf champion had undergone surgery earlier in the year for back issues and was having a hard time in recovery.
On Monday, Tiger Woods said that he is receiving help from qualified professionals in regards to managing his prescription drugs and alternative methods that he can use to handle his back pain and a sleeping disorder.
Woods was very grateful to everyone and especially his fans and fellow golf players on tour for their overwhelming support and understanding that they accorded him.
Tiger Woods has agreed to actively participate in a 28 days treatment program in a facility near his home in Jupiter. This is in an effort keep a joint custody for his children, a nine year old daughter Sam, and an eight year old son Charlie.
A reliable source informed the gossip site, Radar online last week that Tiger Woods went to the hospital with both his children, Sam and Charlie on June 2 and after two days, went by himself to finalize on paperwork and his assessment.
According to the site, Woods checked into rehab for treatment to avoid going against a clause in his custody agreement with his ex-wife, Elin Nordgren, which stipulates that he would lose his 20% share of the children’s custody if he found in a compromising situation.
According to Radar Online, the gossip site, Tiger Woods occupied the whole male inpatient wing in the treatment facility.
The rehab where Mr. Woods checked in, Jupiter Medical Centre declined to respond to the Telegraph’s call for a statement.
This is not the first time for Tiger Woods to go to a rehabilitation centre. The Meadows treatment centre in Wickburg Arizona had him in 2010, when he was struggling with addiction to Vicodin, a very strong painkiller and Ambien, a sleeping medication.
Woods had also battled sex addiction and he sought professional help in Gentle Path Centre in Mississippi where he stayed for a period of six weeks. His stay at this facility was after being forced there following an affair with a hostess in a New York City nightclub that was exposed in the late 2009, whereby several more mistresses came forward.

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