10 very popular addictions

Addictions can be in various forms and can be with different substances and activities.


This is considered a legal intoxicant but can cause serious damage to the individual and the community around them when taken in excess. Abuse of alcohol has been on the rise and this is causing an increase in violent crimes, domestic violence and child abuse. Over 60 types of diseases are linked to the misuse of alcohol including epilepsy, cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer among others. Road carnage is also on the rise caused by drunken driving.


Tobacco is considered the number one cause for many illnesses around the world. Lung cancer, chronic respiratory diseases as well as cardiovascular diseases are some examples of illnesses caused by tobacco consumption. Over 1 billion people die every year due to tobacco addiction related illnesses.


These include illegal substances and prescription drugs. Other forms of drugs are the home-made stimulants from hazardous solvents like nail polish remover, glues, paint and cleaning products. The prescription drugs commonly abused include Vicodin and OxyContin and are popular with young people as is marijuana. The illegal stimulants include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines (meth). The use or misuse of drugs puts the lives of those using them at risk and upset the social structures of communities and their cultures.


With the advent of online gaming betting, gambling has been on a steady rise and more and more people are getting addicted to this habit. Gambling has also become socially acceptable and even gotten sanctions from the government as a source of income and there are gambling spots at every corner of the street. Some of the forms of gambling include casino gambling, national lottery, bingo, horse racing, football pools, and fruit machines in pubs among others.


There are several eating disorders that fall under addiction such as anorexia nervosa, compulsive eating and bulimia nervosa. Most of these disorders are due to excess food being available and in most cases, it is unhealthy food choices. Fast-food culture, media publications and the recent craze of the ideal body shape are some influences of dysfunctional eating behaviors that eventually lead to food addiction.

Video games

Video games can be very addictive and if not addressed in good time can affect performance in school for children and also work output in case of an adult being addicted and can also cause serious ADD. In the past, one had to go to the video store to buy or rent out a game. Today, the online games and virtual games are causing an increase of addiction levels and the effects thereof.


It may seem as a harmless engagement, but the internet can lead to a series of other forms addictions such as shopping, gambling, games and even crime. This kind of addiction can cause one to have poor performance at work or in school and can make one loose relationships with friends and family because of prolonged use of the internet.


Once in a while, one can safely engage in impulsive buying. However, if this becomes uncontrolled, it can make one suffer financial stress because of overspending and possibly getting into debt. The process of addiction to shopping starts with impulse buying, then guilt, then depression and then more shopping to make yourself feel better.


Putting in more hours in the workplace is seen as commitment to work and dedication but the reality of this is too much time at work can lead to fatigue affecting your health and personal relationships. Many people want to make so much money to satisfy the consumer culture and this is making people get addicted to work.


Sex addicts are on the rise because of the media and internet. Sex is used as an escape from reality, handle anxiety or satisfy desires.

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