Understanding Molly and Ecstasy MDMA

This is drug is very popular among the young people who take it as a “party drug” and misusing this drug can lead to serious and life-long effects.
Going with the pharmaceutical term 3.4 methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, it is also referred to as MDMA and it is an illegal drug that has a negative impact of controlling the emotions of the user. It is presented in two forms, one of which is in tablet form called ecstasy and the other form is white form called molly.
In the process of manufacturing the MDMA either as Molly or Ecstasy, other addictive stimulants are added in such as caffeine, rat poison, cocaine, LSD, amphetamine or heroin.
It is difficult to find pure MDMA and the largest source is Canada where they smuggle the drug into the US. It is categorized as schedule I controlled substance and is therefore highly addictive and there are no known medical benefits of this drug.

Indicators of abuse of Ecstasy

Feelings of bliss, jovialness and wellness are experienced when a person takes molly or Ecstasy. The senses of the user are heightened such as touch, sight, smell and hearing. Once a person has taken these drugs, either Molly or Ecstasy, they take advantage of the heightened feelings and they will be very active in discos and dance clubs.

Effects of ecstasy on the user

Extreme excitement is one of the effects of ecstasy or molly on the user. Heightened senses and a feeling of tranquility and calmness. The user becomes excessively energetic and becomes very compassionate towards other people. Unfortunately, ecstasy also reduces inhibitions.
Ecstasy affects the reward system of the brain in the same way other addictive substances do. The feelings of pleasure from using the drug lasts for a few hours but the after effects can go on for days.
Anyone buying the MDMA may not have a full understanding of the product they have bought. In some cases, MDMA is swapped with paramethoxyamphetamine (PMA). it may have similar effects as MDMA but the “high” lasts a bit longer. The user will need a higher dose of PMA as compared to MDMA to experience the feelings of euphoria.
An overdose of MDMA can result in convulsions, mouth froths and high fevers. In extreme cases, one can suffer heart stroke and deterioration of current heart conditions, both of which can be fatal.

Ecstasy MDMA addiction

MDMA is a very common drug amongst the youth mostly in social places like clubs and parties. There are no physical withdrawal symptoms and it is therefore difficult to tell if one is abusing ecstasy. All the same, it is easy to get addicted to this drug either physically or psychologically after a prolonged use.
The desire to quit the use of MDMA but being unable to is an indicator of addiction. Developing tolerance is also another indicator, where the dosage increases and the user focuses their time on searching for the supply of ecstasy.

MDMA and other substances

Popular among the young people, ecstasy is a drug that over 90% of the college students’ population has taken once in their lifetime. It is also a common occurrence to use ecstasy with other drugs and substances such as marijuana, LSD, heroin and cocaine.

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