Understanding more about cocaine

Cocaine makes the user feel a certain level of “high” because of its impact on their physiological system giving them increased feelings of joy and alertness in general. The users enjoy taking this drug because of the euphoric feelings, even though it costs an arm and a leg to obtain it.
Cocaine is presented in powder form which resembles white fine flour or chalk dust. These forms makes it possible for the drug to be introduced into the body through a number of ways such as snorting or sniffing, made into a solution and then injected or rolled up to be smoked. Cocaine can be referred to with other street names like blow, powder or coke.
Almost everyone throughout the world knows the risks and dangers of using cocaine but still a large population will take the risk of taking it even with its numerous negative effects.

Effects of abusing cocaine

Cocaine in its various forms and appearance is an illegal substance. The human brain has the capacity to produce chemicals that make us feel and excited. The cocaine increases the production of this chemical in the brain when it is introduced into the system. People who have been using cocaine for a long time have overtime increased the amount they smoke or snort so as to experience ecstasy for a longer period. Those who take the drug through injection have a higher chance of overdosing.
The effects of taking cocaine vary from individual to individual, as well as the method through which it was taken. However, there are common effects that are experienced as a result of cocaine use such as the user becomes too chatty, extreme enthusiasm; the person becomes alert to the environment and their surroundings, over confident, anxiety and nervousness.
The level of “highness” experienced depends on the amount of cocaine taken and also the means through which it is introduced in the system. Snorting the drug has the longest duration of euphoria which lasts for half an hour (30 minutes). Even though it lasts longer, the feeling of being “high” is not very strong. On the other hand when the user smokes or injects the drug the effects are almost instant and they are very strong. However, the effects last for a very brief period, between 5-10 minutes. Because of the brief, instant, strong effects of cocaine through injecting, many users resort to taking it frequently to sustain this “highness” leading to dependency and addiction.
After a prolonged use of cocaine and the feelings of excitement make your body functions such as blood pumping grow weak and this could make you susceptible to severe heart conditions such as heart attack, heart failure and even possible death.
If you or someone you know is using cocaine and battling addiction to the substance, you need to seek professional help as soon as possible, so that appropriate measures can be taken to rehabilitate the habit and get the person back on the right track of recovery.

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