Understanding the duration of addiction treatment program

Addiction is a complex disease and people struggling with it will require treatment in order to be sober. Treatment centres have different programs with different duration depending on each individual.

Definition of an addiction rehabilitation centre

These are establishments meant to assist people struggling with alcohol addiction get rid of all toxic substances from their bodies, learn how to control their addiction and remain sober. The facilities have features like a gym, meditation areas, counseling room, sleeping areas etc. a major concern for most patients is the period they will be required to be at the recovering facility.

How long does an addiction treatment programs last?

The duration of treatment programs vary from individual to individual but studies shows the more an addict stays in a rehabilitation facility, the better their chances of recovery and sobriety. How long one has been an addict will to a large extent determine how long the treatment program will last. The life of an addict is affected in many aspects and all of them need to be addressed during treatment.
A 90 days or more program is beneficial to the alcoholic because it provides ample time for the body to cleanse from toxic substances in safe environment. Should the patient experience withdrawal symptoms, doctors are at hand to help them manage them.
A longer stay at the rehab centre allows the alcoholic to explore and address any underlying issues and conditions that may have led to the misuse and abuse of alcohol in the first place.
The longer an addict stays at the treatment facility, the more they interact with skilled experts to establish the best way of coping with the addiction. Because of the extended interactions, the patients are able to gain the trust of the professionals and therefore share their deep emotions and issues with them.
The duration of treatment programs also vary from facility to facility. Most centres have a standard short stay program of 28-30 days. Other facilities offer flexible and extendable programs at additional costs, as long as there is notable progress with the patient.

Rehab settings

Rehab facilities provide a safe, stable and sober environment where recovering alcoholics get necessary treatment. The purpose of a long-term inpatient rehabilitation program is to see to it that the patients concentrate on treatment and recovery for a set lengthy period, without being concerned of interruptions and triggers from their everyday routine.

Selecting a program

An alcoholic should opt for a program that not only provides ample time for treatment and recovery, but also offers appropriate method of treatment. A patient may end up staying at the rehab centre for a long time but end up not being fully treated if the methods and approaches being used are not relevant to their problems.
Consider a facility that allows for extension of the program if need be. An addict may sign up for a 90 days program, but by the end of the program, they may still require more time for successful treatment.
Always remember that your duration is completely independent of another person’s duration and therefore, should seek a tailor made program to suit your needs.
Consider the success and effectiveness rate of a treatment centre before signing up. It would be a waste of your time and resources to go for treatment at the rehab and end up with relapse episodes.

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